The Persuasive Group – Technology Partnership (PG-TP) has worked with a lot of satisfied clients. Here’s what our clients have to say about our services (click to expand):

“We had worked the same IT provider for several years and, quite frankly, were quite satisfied with his service and quality of work. When he decided to leave the business, he recommended George Dearing and the Technology Partnership as a replacement. I’m so glad he did. George was able to step in quickly and continue the tradition of quality and service. Over the last couple of years, we have worked with George on a number of projects including the replacement of our office server and find him to be responsive, professional and thorough. I guess the best testimonial comes from my husband who is a former Electrical Engineer and who from time to time even performs some of the maintenance work on our computers. He said recently, ‘One thing for sure, George knows what he is talking about.‘

Dr. Fiona Wright, Skin MD and Beyond

“In the past, I had worked with both a well-known commercial IT services provider and an individual IT consultant. George, by far, has a manner that instills more confidence than either of the earlier two providers. George is extremely knowledgeable and constantly keeps up with technology through rigorous ongoing training. But what I like most about his approach is that, as a problem solver, he is able to make excellent recommendations that not only solve my current problem, but also avoids future issues that I hadn’t even considered. Rather than using canned solutions to solve the immediate problem, he is willing and able to think outside the box with the result being that his hardware and software recommendations are comprehensive, practical, and economical. He brings to the table results that last. He receives my highest recommendation.”

Myles Walsh – Principal, MW Investments, LLC

“Imagine being in the midst of a major project for a key client and your new computer on a Friday evening goes down. The hard drive is inoperable. You have a backup. However, no one ever explained that to download the project you have been working on would probably take a day or two due to the slow processor and size of the file. You are out of time. This is a scenario that is forever etched in my mind. George Dearing responded within hours of our call. He was able to retrieve our work and download it onto another computer. We met our deadline and exceeded our client’s expectations. Since then George has helped us take all the necessary steps to avoid future disasters.

Susan Gatton, S.C. Gatton and Associates