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George DearingGeorge C. Dearing, Founder, PG – TP

George Dearing brings the rare combination of systems education, hands-on experience, and industry certifications to his passion in working with entrepreneurs and business owners who are on the forefront of new and exciting business ventures. His clients appreciate his easy going approach and his willingness to adapt to their styles of doing business.

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Our Philosophy

When your technology works better, your business works better.

Our entrepreneurial clients tell us that what they want from their business technology provider are cost effective solutions that are reliable.

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Why you might need a technology partner?

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“If you are looking for concierge computer support, there is no one better than George.”

Myles Walsh, Principal, MW Investments, LLC

“One thing for sure, George knows what he is talking about…”

Dr. Fiona Wright, Skin MD and Beyond

“…he is willing and able to think outside the box with the result being that his hardware and software recommendations are comprehensive, practical, and economical.”

Myles Walsh, Principal, MW Investments, LLC

“Since then George has helped us take all the necessary steps to avoid future disasters.”

Susan Gatton, S.C. Gatton and Associates