George C. Dearing, Founder
The Persuasive Group LLC – Technology Partnership

George Dearing

George Dearing brings the rare combination of systems education, hands-on experience, and industry certifications to his passion in working with entrepreneurs and business owners who are on the forefront of new and exciting business ventures. His clients appreciate his easy going approach and his willingness to adapt to their styles of doing business.

George founded The Persuasive Group LLC – Technology Partnership (PG-TP) in 2001 to work with small businesses on technology strategies based on cost-effective, reliable support solutions. He is also a founding member of The Technology Forum, a professional organization of technology providers who create a seamless support network for their clients. Previously, he held software development, support, sales and marketing positions in major technology corporations. He was a consistent top performer, in part based on providing his Fortune 250 clients high quality business systems that operated reliably and “didn’t fail”.

George holds an MBA, cum Laude, in Management Information Systems Management and a BS Summa cum Laude in Production Management, both from the University of Southern California. He currently a member of the Professional Referral Group.